I would like some help with a code change that I would like to submit. Right now, article 410.36(G)(1) does not require a luminaire disconnect for led lights that utilize a driver. I would like to amend that section to include a requirement for a disconnect for luminaires that utilize aled driver. I will include the changes in bold.

410.36(G)(1) General. In indoor locations other than dwellings and associated structures, fluorescent or led luminaires that utilize double-ended lamps an contain ballast(s) or driver(s) that can be serviced in place shall have a disconnecting means either internal or external to each luminaire. For existing installed luminaires without disconnecting means, at the time a ballast or driver is replaced, a disconnecting means shall be installed. The line side shall be guarded.

The double-ended bulb part. Does that need to be reworded as well?

The problem this will solve. This change will address the lack of required disconnect for led luminaires that use a driver.

What do you think?