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Thread: 410.136(G)(1).

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    I would like some help with a code change that I would like to submit. Right now, article 410.36(G)(1) does not require a luminaire disconnect for led lights that utilize a driver. I would like to amend that section to include a requirement for a disconnect for luminaires that utilize aled driver. I will include the changes in bold.

    410.36(G)(1) General. In indoor locations other than dwellings and associated structures, fluorescent or led luminaires that utilize double-ended lamps an contain ballast(s) or driver(s) that can be serviced in place shall have a disconnecting means either internal or external to each luminaire. For existing installed luminaires without disconnecting means, at the time a ballast or driver is replaced, a disconnecting means shall be installed. The line side shall be guarded.

    The double-ended bulb part. Does that need to be reworded as well?

    The problem this will solve. This change will address the lack of required disconnect for led luminaires that use a driver.

    What do you think?

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    More on the double-ended lamps. What about led's that use strips of led's as opposed to lamps? How do I word that?

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    I looked at a few of the old ROP's including the original {410.73(G)-2005 NEC} for this requirement and couldn't find any info that specifically referenced the reason for only double ended lamps. The good news is that for few code cycles the CMP re-wrote the language from the original proposal so the wording that you choose may not be that critical as long as your substantiation is good.


    All responses based on the 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted

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    That would be great if they modified the wording on this one.

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