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    Certainly possible, but depending on site conditions and prevailing winds, it's surprising what a couple of feet can do with regard to carrying away smoke/stink. At the very least, the landlord could be compelled to go 3 feet above the windows.
    For that stack to still be standing, they must not ever see much for wind. That might not make it even a year around here. Not many places that never see a 60-70 MPH wind in a thunderstorm at least one time each year here, plus at least one winter storm with at least 40MPH winds for several hours each year.

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    It would not be allowed by most plumbing codes but you could put a one way inlet vent valve on top of the existing vent pipe. That would allow air into the vent system to prevent traps from being sucked dry or gurgling but would not emit waste gas (or allow pressure to escape).
    These one way valves are readily available to deal with situations where existing plumbing has no vent and adding one would be prohibitively difficult.
    As I mentioned, though, many local codes do not allow their use in lieu of an open outside vent stack.

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