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Thread: Ford Transit Connect

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    Ford Transit Connect

    Anyone use a Ford Transit Connect? Pros? Cons? Thoughts?

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    It has the same size engine as in my car (2.5L) so that's not good.

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    It will get you and a helper to the jobsite, but it's way too small for a service truck.

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    The antennae and top brake light will get destroyed by ladders. Gas mileage isnt great. The shelves in truck I drove are too small and have a lot of dead space behind/above them. Can only tow 2,000lbs, so forget towing a covered/box trailer. Unless you do very small repair/troubleshooting calls, and are completely organized with them, you cannot fit all your tools in it, let alone things like cases of recessed can lights.

    As a vehicle for doing estimates, singular purposes like generator PMs, or light repair work, it's okay, but an older extended cab long bed Ranger, S-10 or the like with a camper shell would be more functional and about $17k cheaper, even with a new paint job and making it 100% road worthy. There is no point in the dual sliding doors as one can reach everything from the rear just kneeling on the bumper.

    On the plus side, they are a lot cheaper than the full sized vans, gas mileage is much better, they are more maneuverable and maintenance costs are much lower.
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    I think the answers you've received so far are accurate. If you're just using this as a small service call vehicle it might work out for you. However, if you start loading this in an attempt to make this an installation type vehicle you'll soon run out of room for just about anything (i.e tools, job materials, etc.)

    Having said that my last Ford vehicle was an E250. The transmission went at about every 35000 miles. In addition I kept blowing out coil packs. In fact, the first one blew out so bad that it broke off inside the block and the mechanic had to drill it out, re-tap the block and insert a sleeve. Ford paid for the first 3 transmissions under warranty and I paid for the last two at around $2500@. After the last trans install the transmission shop told me that instead of Ford installing the better trans like one that they would have put in a E350 van they installed one for an E150 van. To make matters worse, a week after I installed the last trans I blew the head gasket.

    Long story short - that's the last Ford product I'll ever buy.

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