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Thread: ballast disconnects

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    ballast disconnects

    Are ballast disconnects needed when converting to 120 LED

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Meyers View Post
    Are ballast disconnects needed when converting to 120 LED
    I would say that the answer depends on the type of ballast and the instructions on the LED.
    In general LED bulbs/lamps that are designed to be connected without any change to the existing ballast will state that in their installation instructions.

    If you are asking whether retrofitting a luminaire with an LED lamp requires you to install a ballast disconnect if a new fixture of the old type in that location would require the use of a ballast disconnect device, I do not know the answer to that.

    Would you be planning to bypass the old ballast but leave it in place and wired?

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    Most of the led light has a dedicated ballasts differ than the ballasts used for other types of light and also if the dim actions are required surely you should use the specified ballast by the supplier.

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    LEDs use drivers not ballasts. The power from the driver is a class 2 circuit, not the shock hazard requiring a ballast disconnect.
    But if you keep the ballast and replace FL tubes with LED, then I would say a ballast disconnect is required.
    We are using Phillips LED lamps that operate off a ballast, $10 each, about 10 watts.
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