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Thread: Question for the lighting guys

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    Inground? Wall Mount? How tall is the facade? You'll want to run with a narrow optic for whatever you end up choosing (ie, 15 degree beam spread or less because your wall is only 3'-0 wide). Lumenpulse works great but is the most expensive out of the manufacturers, but it's one of those things you get what you pay for. They have wall mount and in-grade options.

    Lumenpulse - ingrade (wall mount is similar but it gives you an idea)
    Around 30' high

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    127 with spec sheet 8x8 beam spread will be more of a pencil effect with narrow beam but will get you the 30ft. Trust me, you will see the price and turn to a cheaper alternative. We have not seen a cheaper alternative that can get the punch up that high. I'd recommend you contact your local lighting rep for a sample of this fixture if they provide it or have one in house for you to evaluate on your site with them present prior to buying. For something like this, you could get the lumentouch 2.0 controller which is pretty handy. They have remote driver options for it available if you want a slimmer look.

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