After reading several hundred post from many people I am a believer that Flat Rate Pricing works for Service Companies. I have seen many of Flyboys post and really enjoy reading them, as you can LEARN a lot from them. Now to my question. I have been doing a lot research locally and I have found a company that does nothing but Flat Rate Pricing and service work. As a matter of fact I swear that they took a page right from Flyboys company as they do multiple trades and invest heavily in sales training, and marketing. I also discovered that they have an agreement with one of the local supply houses to stock their Van. Can you imagine how well organized each Van is? I would like to hear what everyone else does, and see if there is a list floating around out there as to what you should really carry on your van to be successful in the commercial and residential market for service work. These guys are taught to up sell, so it's not just your typical commodities.