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Thread: Indoor wall switch dusk photo sensor triggered timer vs Solar Time Table Programmable

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    Indoor wall switch dusk photo sensor triggered timer vs Solar Time Table Programmable

    I want an indoor single pole wall switch that's compatible with LED's and will turn on the lights at dusk using a photo cell or a programmable wall switch. I've been unable to find a wall switch with a dusk photo cell censor triggered timer. It would have a photo cell that triggers a timer for x amount of hours before shutting off. It appears I'd have to have a photo cell installed inline with a timer.
    My other options is a Solar Time Table Programmable like the Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B 7-Day Solar Time Table Programmable Switch for Lights and Motors. However, I only have two wires available. There is an outlet below that may have the neutral wire but I'd prefer not to have to fun wire through the wall to the outlet. I could get something like the ST01 Series Digital In-Wall Timers that uses a battery?
    And for brands I usually use Lutron or Leviton spec grade/ commercial (avoiding residential or super cheap grade) or Hubbell when available. Are Honeywell and Intermatic reputable brands too? Not that Lutron or Leviton are great but at least they're spec grade is decent. Thanks!

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    Unless somebody can think of a wireless option (which you would probably shoot down because of quality, as would I) you are stuck with installing a photocontrol outside and a time clock inside. Photocontrol first then to the time clock. You can also use an astronomical time clock that keeps track of the daylight changes. Then you won't need a photocontrol. Probably the way to go. But either way you are going to have to run some wire.


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    I use the Astro timer made by Wattstopper. It's really easy to program, and just works. Here's a good link for specs:

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