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Thread: Detached Garage, EV charging

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    I know our local utility and AHJ only allow one service per residential address. I have customers in the past that the garage forced a service upgrade on them. I would also make sure the EV vehicle charging needs. We have installed 50 amps for a Tesla and 20 amps for a Ford C-max.

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    Tax issue

    A guy I work with had a separate service installed in hisgarage, Come tax assessment he was assessed for commercial because of the sizeof the garage with “A SEPARATE SERVICE”. So have him check everything out, I would not of wanted to be the one to recommend it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drcampbell View Post
    Dig a trench and put in a conduit big enough to accommodate the EV charger.
    That was my first thought also. Once I looked at the panel location I change my mind. Panel is located in the middle of the house on the ground floor. It would be hard to get out of the panel with a circuit now but because of other remodeling it would be possible. Once they close up the last of the sheetrock it will be impossible to add any more circuits without doing lots of sheetrock cutting and repairing. Whatever gets added to the panel gets added now for all practical purposes.
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