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Thread: 3 phase gfci for fountain pump

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    3 phase gfci for fountain pump

    I was troubleshooting a 3 phase 20 amp 208 volt 3 wire fountain pump and found a bad GFCI that was not resetting. this GFCI was a Leviton 5-10-0032 class a GFCI with the donut on the back. These GFCIS are discontinued and are no longer available. I haven't been able to locate any 3 phase GFCI breakers. I have inquired with bender on a 3 phase industrial GFCI device and am awaiting a quotation. If anyone knows of any other products or methods for doing this it would be helpful I am trying to find as many options as possible to get the best price possible for my customer.

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    Other Options

    and this previous forum thread:

    Edit: I re-read that you have already inquired in to Bender. Apologize for the double post, but leaving the link for any future forum members.

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