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Thread: CL2 Limited Power Project

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    CL2 Limited Power Project

    I am installing LED lights under my kitchen cabinets. I havea listed CL2 24v/96w power supply with an integrated NIMA enclosure thatprovides the required CL1/CL2 separation; I have listed CL2 14/2 cable. I planto run the load side cable in the walls to bridge the sink and cook top. Thepower supply is a low profile design that will tuck nicely in the recess belowthe wall cabinets. So now I am looking at hiding the cables; my goal is toavoid any cable running below the cabinet. Ultimately, I would like the cablesto pass through the drywall while still being hidden in the recess; a wallplate is too large to achieve my goal. Of course, it's all got to be codecompliant.

    1. Class 1NM needs a j-box to pass through a wall - but does that box need to be on theinside of the wall? Can I use the power supply's enclosure or another low profile box, mounted to thecabinet close to the wall, as the junction box?
    2. Sameissue with the CL2 cables. I would like to make my own wood face plates to coverthe hole in the drywall and be small enough to hide in the recess. The CL2cable would run directly from the power supply through a wall to the fixturewithout splice or a listed faceplate.

    Am I dreaming or even remotely close to making this an inspectionworthy system? Are there other listed fittings that I have not thought of? Dotell....


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    Unfortunately we can not help you with this project.

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