I am new to posting on this forum but have been reading it and learning a great deal from it.
I am working on a project in Romeoville, IL and have had issues with the electrical inspector.
I upgraded the main service panel to a 30 space 100amp Siemens panel. I ran 6AWG through the the side of the panel two stud spaces over and then down into the crawl space. I stapled the bare ground to the bottom of the floor joists over to the water line and bonded it next to the meter.
I terminated the GEC on the right hand neutral bus bar which has the MBJ screw which has been tightened down. All wiring is in EMT so there is no ground bar in the panel.
The electrical inspector told me that I must install a ground bar and terminate the GEC on that. He also is requiring that I run the GEC through EMT with a bonded hub at the panel and a bonding fitting at the water line.
I even read him 250.24A and he is insisting that the grounded bus bar is a separate ground bar.

This doesn't seem right. Thank you for any help.