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Thread: Panels in Commercial Kitchen

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    Yes, I am competitively bidding it. I bid it as it was drawn, but I definitely thought it was worth some discussion. The health inspection aspect didn't even cross my mind, to tell you the truth. I really think it's going to be an issue down the road. It's definitely something I will bring up in pre-con should we get award the job.

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    If bidding on someone else's plans, bid according to what was on the plans, then deal with such issues pre construction if you win the bid.

    If you are bidding but from a design- build perspective then you need to sell the customer on what your bid includes that other bidders may have overlooked, and might try to make up on in change orders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dibloafer View Post
    It is not a dishwasher, rather, a person washing dishes in a huge dish washing area. I imagine there will be a lot of splashing, moisture, etc... It's definitely something that would give me great pause if I were the inspector.
    Remember that if the code doesn't say you can't, then you can. The inspector wouldn't have anything to hang his hat on.
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