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Thread: NEC 700.10(D)(1) - Emergency feeder

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    NEC 700.10(D)(1) - Emergency feeder

    If the emergency generator locates indoor and we want to run the overhead feeder from generator to main emergency distribution panel (located in another room) and meet NEC 700.10(D)(1) without using concrete encased method, are there any products out there that meet the two hour fire rating wiring requirement per code? Thank you.

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    Take a look a Vitalink MC Cable

    Also MI Cable is an option.

    Draka has a 2 hour rated cable but I think its only listed 2 hours in a vertical application.

    Is the room sprinkled? Install the feeder under the sprinklers. That's another option

    Joe Villani

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    Also does feeder of 3 branches of essential power system in hospital need to comply with this rule?
    Anyone knows?

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