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Thread: Low voltage emt in the wall

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    Low voltage emt in the wall

    So I am running some 1" emt for the low volt guys and will be using the usual plastic bushing on the ends but this specific run will run from above the drop tile ceiling to an adjacent wall (inside the 3.5" metal stud) for a future addition for a TV. Normally I would just throw some bushings on either side and call it good but I have been a local inspector has demanded the low volt pipe in the wall have a box on the end (In the wall) instead of the bushing. This sounds like a picky inspector but I cannot find something in the 08 or 14 nec saying otherwise. Any insight will be much appreciated.

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    As long as the wires and cables involved are allowed to be run concealed in the wall without raceway, the EMT with bushings may be run simply as a sleeve.

    A raceway system, OTOH, must be complete end to end before use, and that would require at least an end connector if not a box.

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