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Thread: The construction industry and its people

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    The construction industry and its people

    For the most part, being a tradesperson is a rewarding and fulfilling career. Part of the draw for me was that I could see the actual, tangible results of my efforts daily. New buildings pop up, old spaces transform into whatever someone can imagine and we get to build that. It's a wider team effort obviously but tradespeople literally put their blood sweat and tears into these projects. I feel sad because many contractors like me are just simple construction workers at heart so when we start our own business we don't even know what we're up against. We think the general contractors and everyone up the chain are our allies and they are but they're also held accountable to owners etc who have and know how to use the system to work more in their favours than those lowest on the food chain: people who may not be as well educated; (there aren't many business classes in trade school after all). So when contractors including general contractors are bearing the brunt of it:* see below** they usually do what construction workers are known for: toughing it out, taking some abuse, without so much as a complaint.
    Some people will argue why not unionize?Well 1. unions have only diminished in power over the years.
    2. they couldn't adapt fast enough because they're also typically not as intelligent as those who influence the ones making the rules.
    3. They ask workers to go behind their employers backs in secret and do something that the employer would think is quite underhanded.
    Why not approach employers and sell them on the benefits of unionizing. Are there any benefits? Or are we all just sold on the ideas implanted in our heads by those who are breaking up unions: cost is too high to fund their pensions, their benefits, salaries... We all agree somewhat but at the same time as a result, just a small number of people (corporate greed) are getting really wealthy for generations instead of a big group being just ok, together, for a little while, in the hopes those they care for will also be ok.
    Not to stray off topic, the construction industry employs directly or indirectly a huge number of people in this country and I am one, one that hopes to see positive changes** implemented in the very near future.

    *Not getting paid for extras or oversights covered by 'forever uncertain' in architectural drawings, not getting paid to reflect actual progress, waiting for holdback payments, performing extra work to meet time lines before quotes approved and then having quotes rejected or asked to revise (make cheaper to help meet budget limitations)

    ** changes to lien act
    Prompt payment bill turned to law
    Transparent pricing guidelines for procurement of something small like a replacement light fixture to something big like a military drone

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