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Thread: Medium voltage switch close coupled to transformer

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    Medium voltage switch close coupled to transformer

    A new medium voltage switch is installed close coupled to a transformer. The breaker in this switch is of draw-out construction. Part of the assembly that operates the draw out rails is mounted on the side of the switch. Part of this assembly include a 12" long metal spring used to maintain tension on the draw out rail assembly. You can see this spring by looking through open cover of the transformer.

    Normally if this was a standalone switch the spring and arm would be covered by a steel plate.

    The manufacturer says I should not be concerned about the spring breaks - but I am - sparks are gunna happen!

    I'm looking for a Code or Standards that would disallow this spring from being anywhere in the transformer compartment.

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    If there is an applicable code or standard, it would likely be NEMA or UL.

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