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Thread: SER Span between Residence and Detached Garage

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    SER Span between Residence and Detached Garage

    see 20170516_192052.jpg attached. House is 80 feet long service is on other side of house so I am running SER through the house's attic (pictured to the right). I will be able to exit the attic at the gable end of the roof which is actually higher than the garage's roof line. The SER will be going to a subpanel in the garage and will be sized at 1/0 (100A 60 deg) which is unimportant to my question.

    My intentions are to exit the gable end with schedule 40 pvc, install a piece of 2x4 or 2x6 PT wood with 2 metal hangars for support, and 90 down through the roof of the garage using roof flashing, sleeving the SER inside the "gonzo" pipe.

    I see no code infractions when considering article 225, and I know I am sized appropriately, besides ambient corrections anything else I should consider
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