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Thread: LED Driver Sink Current

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    LED Driver Sink Current

    Hello all. Thanks for taking up your time to read my post.The specs of TI TPS75105YFFR LED driver as the datasheet of says "constant current sinking" capability is 60-mA.(LED Power supply voltage up to 15 Volts, and Vcc=3.0V to 5.5 V )My understanding is if Sink current is low, then its better as it will not heat-up my LED driver chips.1- I want to understand What is the importance of High (or Low) LED driver Sink current?2- Why we do not talk about sourcing Current instead?Any comments?
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    I took a quick look at the datasheet. I don't want to study it in detail.

    From the diagram I would call it sourcing rather than sinking.

    It apparently provides constant current sourcing, and intensity adjustment (obviously meaning current adjustment).


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    it is a current source (high side switching, anode). its a switch, etc.
    led mA range is 3-25mA
    Vin MAX -0.3 to +7 (not 15v)
    the chip has a thermal pad
    it also has limited power dissipation control.
    the DSK package will create about 1w of heat (max), which can be a challenge to control chip temp if the chip is confined in small tight space
    less amps running through it, less heat it makes.

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