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Thread: License / Exam requireemnts

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    License / Exam requireemnts

    Hi all-

    I'm studying to take my Washington State Telecommunication Administrator Exam (09) so that the company I am going to work for can become a Telecommunications Contractor. I've been doing some research and I see that Washington State has a "Limited Energy (06)" license as well as the (09) exam.

    I've called L&I a few times to ask questions and they have read word for word the RCW from their website. I'm too dense it seems to understand the legalese....

    What I am trying to understand is if I need the (06) and the (09) or just one of them to work on the types of jobs that I am going to be looking to do as a Telecommunications Contractor.

    As an example of what I am looking to do for potential customers would be the following.

    1. Install CAT5/6 Ehternet for their phones and computers; weather surface mount, in wall or above drop ceiling in the plenum.
    2. Install CAT 5/6 Ethernet for POE devices; such as phones & Wireless APs
    3. Install and maintain their phone systems; weather it be a on prem system such as a Panasonic or NEC system to a hosted solution such as Jive or something.

    So, do all the people that are actually doing the wiring pulling need the (06) license and then I need the (09) so that I can administrator the systems, etc? Or do I need both as well?

    Thanks so much for any direction you can provide.


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    I'm virtually certain that you don't need any kind of license to administer a phone system.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hbiss View Post
    I'm virtually certain that you don't need any kind of license to administer a phone system.

    OP is from here, the great WA NANNY state. You need a license to blow yer own nose here it seems, surprised NY is less nanny state! At least the courts have said one can do work on their own property as it was written into this state's constitution - along with no income tax - smart boys those guys in 1890!

    From my 'guess' in reading OP only needs 09 PLUS the administrator cert.

    From RCW: What is required to become a Telecommunications Administrator?
    the Administrator's job is to ensure that the Telecommunication Contractor's work complies with all the appropriate telecommunication/electrical laws and rules.

    These are the steps you must follow to become a Telecommunications Administrator:

    1. Take and pass the Telecommunications Administrator exam. There are no prerequisites for taking this exam. You must pass all sections of the exam.
    2. Be prepared to pay the fee for a Telecommunications Administrator certificate.

    MOSTLY, it is PAY THE FEE!

    All I know is that last time (circa 2009) I tried to renew my electricians license under the 1970/s grandfather clause was told grandfather clause was admin terminated in 2002 or so, nothing in writing.
    Oh well, 60 years experience of no account and EE degree, so just paid my $14 for 'trainee' license just so I could do volunteer work for Habitat!

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