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Thread: High Temp Spaces

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    High Temp Spaces

    I have a space that can reach temperatures above 165degreeF the other day we measured the temp. at 175degreeF, this is worst case as we also had a high ambient that day. The original engineer specified some LED jelly jar type fixtures and every time it gets above 100 in the space it just smokes out the lights. The problem with these is that every time it is a "fixture" not a "lamp" replacement and can be a real PITA for the maint. guy's....With that what would be the best source for high ambient spaces? Lookin at LED it appears they max out around 65degreeC, I was thinking glass jelly jars with incandescent lamps may be the way to go that way it is a lamp replacement easier than a fixture replacement, this is more of a service corr./area but when the lights do not come on and you have to replace the fixture it just does not makes sense, any suggestions...thanks

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    Optical fiber or other "light tunnel" and remotely mounted light source in a lower ambient?

    No specific product recommendation just the concept.

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    Maybe something like this:

    They are supposed to work up to 130*C ambient.

    or this:

    or switch to more conventional lighting. The bulb in my oven routinely sees 425* and works fine.
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