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Thread: Pentair Pool Pump GFCI trips

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    Pentair Pool Pump GFCI trips

    Quote Originally Posted by RLyons View Post
    I just completed a install of a 230V pentair vs pump and this thread had me seriously worried I'd be tripping the GFI.

    I ended up having to install a boost transformer to get from 208v to 232v. Could this have anything to do with why the QO gfi installed has (knock on wood) is working without issue?
    You're not isolating with a boost so I don't think that would change anything.

    I've installed some QO breakers also that don't have nuisance trip issues that I'm aware of.

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    They weren't engineers just sales and management. The only thing they found was an Intermatic pool light transformer that they suggest was the cause of the nuisance tripping and suggest use of the Pentair transformer. I can confirm that switching the lights on and off repeatedly caused the Siemens 120v, 20a, GFCI pool light and outlet cb to trip while I was there. The 240v, 20a gfci Pentair pump breaker hasn't tripped like the Siemens did.

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