I have a ¾” rigid conduit with 5 each 12 AWG THHN/W wires, the conduit is embedded in concrete in a parapet wall on a dam.

I would like to pull a multimode cable thru the conduit, it would need to be wet location rated, and small diameter, minimum of 2 fibers, 4 would be better.

Does anyone make a “zipcord” type cable that is wet location rated?

Corning has a Freedm LST cable, 2-12 fibers that is 0.31 inches diameter

The best solution would be to run a new 1" conduit, but the parapet wall has long curves in it, and I am not sure how the conduit could be bent and assembled...no problem to put strut on the parapet wall. The total run would be about 100 ft.