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Thread: Two people electrocuted in separate incidents

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    I first heard of the girl electrocuted using cell phone in a tub on a radio talk show. Yesterday they happened to revisit that subject and apparently there was an extension cord between the phone charger and wall receptacle involved and it apparently had exposed conductor on the cord which she very possibly touched while in the tub.

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    Police released the last photo taken by a 14-year-old who died after she was electrocuted in a bathtub while using her plugged-in cell phone, according to local reports. Authorities believe Madison Coe took the photo and sent it to a friend before she died, KCBD-TV reported. The photo, released by the Lovington Police department at the family's request, shows a picture of Coe's cellphone displaying a text message with a photo of a cell phone charger plugged into an extension cord, the station reported. "When you use and extension cord so you can plug your phone in while you're in the bath," the text message said. Coe, who lived in Texas with her mother, was visiting her father in Lovington, N.M., ...
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    The charger was plugged into a frayed extension cord... she grabbed the frayed part while in the tub.

    Explanation starts at 6:25. And tho it's liveleak, this link is SFW.
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