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Thread: Belden Shielded Cable run with feeders

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    Answer is still no...


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    Thanks you all for the replies.

    I always run a separate conduit for controls no matter what but since it was an existing installations we thought it might be some exceptions that I'm not aware of based on control wires type. Obviously running a separate conduit for controls is the right thing to do no matter what!

    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbiss View Post
    Good God! Was that ever inspected? That has to be the worst violation of 725.136(A) that I have ever seen!!

    Then you were surprised when you had problems so you "Band-Aid" it instead of pulling all that out and running it properly? Shame on you!

    Why are you scolding me?
    We were called in to inspect the contractors installation and offer possible solutions. It was cost prohibitive for the contractor to pull out of 4 buildings and install in separate conduits. Our fix was cheap and effective.
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