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Thread: Need help/info on wireless remote extended

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    Need help/info on wireless remote extended

    It seems like they exist, but I can't find any solid information or even anyone that has installed one before.

    have a basic cable box and blue ray in a cabinet w a tv on a mantle, everything is all closed up so can't run a wired remote eye

    can anyone recommend a good model wireless remote extender?

    thanks in advance, any help is really appreciated

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    I would suggest you try either an A/V forum or call the equipment mfg.
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    You have a choice between an IR extender that has a sensor you put outside the cabinet with one or more IR transmitters you attach to the equipment or an RF transmitter that replaces one of the batteries in each remote and sends to an RF receiver at the cabinet with hard wired IR emitters inside.
    Both kinds can work, but the RF type gives you almost unlimited range without worrying about pointing the remote.

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