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Thread: Existing structure / remodeling

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    Re: branch circuits

    Where I'm at (NoDak) if there's a remodel and walls get opened up the area or portion of the house that gets opened up (w/ access to wiring) has to be brought up to current codes.

    It becomes the responsibility of the GC to include a EC in the work. It doesn't automatically mean that the whole house has to get gutted just so the wiring can be updated just the area that is opened up.

    Kinda makes for some interesting "grey areas" dealing with the inspector and deciding just exactly how much of a branch circuit gets upgraded, especially if you don't have access to pull new HR's (say for a kitchen remodel).

    Sounds like you don't have to deal with an inspector...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggunn View Post
    Isn't there an exception that says that if it was code compliant when it was installed then you don't have to change it when you work on the system?
    That is for the feeder. If you have "three wires" underground from one structure to another and change the panelboard, disconnect, etc. on either end, you can leave the three wire feeder as is, if you are replacing the feeder (maybe even extending it) you must make it a 4 wire feeder.

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