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outside on dock. so i think 6 maybe even 6P i have to find out if dock gets submerged at all

If the panel will be outside, obviously a NEMA 3R would be the minimum. If it's inside, NEMA 1 is fine. If it's near salt water, I would suggest a stainless steel panel, or put a regular panel WITHIN a fiberglass NEMA 4X Hoffman box.

In my state (Washington), the code requires "corrosion resistant" enclosures for marina work. Salt air eats up panels REALLY fast.

Regarding the GFI protection: I would put a 30 mA GFI breaker in the dock panel that feeds the dock power. They aren't cheap, but it is required. You can also put a standard 5 mA GFI breaker, which is much cheaper, but you run the risk of nuisance tripping.