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Thread: residential boat dock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Len View Post
    outside on dock. so i think 6 maybe even 6P i have to find out if dock gets submerged at all

    If the panel will be outside, obviously a NEMA 3R would be the minimum. If it's inside, NEMA 1 is fine. If it's near salt water, I would suggest a stainless steel panel, or put a regular panel WITHIN a fiberglass NEMA 4X Hoffman box.

    In my state (Washington), the code requires "corrosion resistant" enclosures for marina work. Salt air eats up panels REALLY fast.

    Regarding the GFI protection: I would put a 30 mA GFI breaker in the dock panel that feeds the dock power. They aren't cheap, but it is required. You can also put a standard 5 mA GFI breaker, which is much cheaper, but you run the risk of nuisance tripping.

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    Code says that if all branch circuits are protected, main line doesn't require GFI

    2014 Code says that if all branch circuits from shore subpanel are protected, main line doesn't require GFI, 2017

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