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Thread: location of ATS's

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    location of ATS's

    I know that somewhere either in the NEC or NFPA 99 (although my application is a dormitory not a healthcare facility) or the building code there are rules about where you can put an Article 700 ATS. Again, maybe it's Life Safety and Critical branch in NFPA 99. But I know you can't for example be on an outside wall.

    What I'm looking for is ammo against putting a Article 701 ATS in a basement with a myriad of aging water, sewer, steam and waste piping. It will be serving smoke exhaust fans. I've already recommended against it. But I'm looking for a death blow preferably I'm the form of a code violation.

    Does anything exists?


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    Not sure if this helps but have you checked 110.11?

    110.11 Deteriorating Agents
    Unless identified for use in the operating environment, no conductors or equipment shall be located in damp or wet locations; where exposed to gases, fumes, vapors, liquids, or other agents that have a deteriorating effect on the conductors or equipment; or where exposed to excessive temperatures.

    The ATS must be identified (I read this as Listed) for use in the environment where it is installed. Also see Informational Note No. 4: Minimum flood provisions.

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    Identified is not the same as listed. If it is listed (NRL) for a purpose then it is identified. But a manufacturer can identify something for many purposes in their literature without any specific testing requirement, much less testing to a UL standard.

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    The rules about an ATS location are in NFPA 110. But they aren't very specific -it mostly just says consideration should be given to the ats location and environmental issues.

    ive never heard that you can't put an ats along an outside wall.

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