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Thread: Using a threshold

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    Using a threshold

    Preforming the Electrical rework due to office remodel:

    A portion of the island cubical wall is being removed to make a pass through, when we opened up the wall we discovered there is 1- 4 conductor MC cable that is feeding (2) workstations from one side of the pass through to the other.

    Owner does not want to chip concrete to bury, due to 14' high ceilings and this portion being an Island we can not come from the ceiling it seems like the only option is to install a raceway on the floor and cover with a threshold so it isn't a tripping hazard.

    Has anyone used this method before? Could I use MC cable?

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    This option would allow for data and such plus future expansion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jumper View Post
    This option would allow for data and such plus future expansion.
    An EC just installed a raceway like that in one of my buildings in order to feed a conference room table from a wall.
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