This is a shot in the dark but maybe someone has an idea.

We have a client with 3 Connext XW inverters, 5 MPPT 80 charge controllers (2 brand new), connected to a 1740 Amp Hour battery and the grid.

We recently added around 10 KW of PV to the system and the 2 new charge controllers to go with it.

The system is programmed to keep the batteries topped off and sell excess power through the grid when it can (which is often).

The weird part. After completion of the new work, the client is experiencing brief power outages throughout the entire home at strange times of day. The last one occurred at 7:23Am. The outages are followed by a charge cycle of the batteries.

This never occurred before we added the new PV array. There was a bit of programming and it is possible some of the old settings got messed around with. But what on earth would be causing an outage?

I know this is a strange question that begs for more specific information, but maybe someone here more familiar with the Schneider equipment will have a lightbulb go off. Feel free to ask more questions and I'll see what I can explain.

Thanks in advance.