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Thread: Bonding and Grounding of UPS

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    Bonding and Grounding of UPS

    I am looking for information on the N-G bondingrequirements for UPS when on battery? Do you have to have N-G bondingjumper in battery mode? What is the latest NEC2017 requirements. Thank you.

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    The NEC just says to provide a N-G bond if it is a separately derived service (SDS).

    It depends on the UPS design and the associated bypass to figure out if it is a SDS.

    For example, look at pages 12- at
    which is an older Liebert UPS with diagrams.

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    As noted above it depends on the UPS, if you have a bypass with a neutral from the source then you would not bond the neutral on the output, if you have true isolation with a SDS on the output you bond the neutral.

    This does not change if you are n battery or not.
    Brian John
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