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Thread: Arc Flash PPE and a maintenance shop ??? How do you provide PPE

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    Arc Flash PPE and a maintenance shop ??? How do you provide PPE

    We have seven ( 7 ) maintenance people that might be exposed to a arc flash while working on equipment . Electricians and CNC repairmen . Our safety department is wanting to make sure everyone uses PPE . We have some CNC machines that are rated cat 3 , 24 cal . My immediate supervisor wants to know how other shops are providing the PPE . ( 1 ) Do other shops share electrical rubber gloves ? ( 2 ) Do you provide separate PPE to each employee ? ( 3 ) Do you have kits that they share when the arc hazard gets above a certain level ? We are a maintenance shop in a manufacturing plant . Just wanted ideas on how other maintenance shops are doing this ????

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    Since you state an actual cal/cm2 value, I assume there was a study done? If so, were recommendations made to reduce the incident energy?

    Most of the shops I have seen will supply some base arc rated PPE based on what the major incident energy level is in the facility. For example, if the majority incident energy levels are 8 cal/cm or less, everyone would be provided with PPE rated at 8 cal/cm2. Then for equipment above this 8 cal/cm2 level they would have a couple of group 40 cal/cm2 suits to be used when necessary.

    The daily wear I have seen provided either thru a uniform company or an allotment provided to buy their own gear.

    For rubber gloves, I usually see everyone has at least 2 pairs of Class 0 gloves as they need to be sent out for testing every 6 months. In places where Class 2 gloves may be needed periodically, I usually see group gloves which also get tested every 6 months.

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    I ensure that every individual has their own PPE as everyone is not the same size, so one size does not fit all. Furthermore, no one ever has an excuse to not utilize their PPE or have to worry about someone else tearing it and them not knowing about it-until it's too late, or having to deal with someone else's body odor, etc.
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    PPE and the safety department

    Maybe I miss understood your post. I would think the Safety Department should be the ones stating what is needed. That information will come from your loss hazard information which is given to your insurance company.
    I came from a no hot work at all policy facility. Most of the time we could comply, 98% when we needed power it was bunny suit time. Our hot permits were good for the day or half day depending on how you filled them out. We were provided with 4 cal shirts and pants which I added a 8 cal undershirt. Also added a light over sized jacket which was 20 cal. Now for the bad news, better get your head around face shields. I hate them they are a pain and I could never stop scratching them.
    In my history with testing gloves, more than 20 years. I never got the same pair back, ever. I would use india ink and mark the gloves in the label area to be sure I got mine back. They were always returned with no mark. Cheaper to just buy new ones. Rubber does not hold up well in the SW deserts where your truck interior can be over 140 f in the sun.

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    Hopefully and supposedly, the recommendations were made to reduce the incident energy.

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