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Thread: LED shop light install and results

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsmalone1 View Post
    Wow, unreal. Showed your character. Really was always taught never to explain as there is a reason for it. ----------The electricity usage went down enough that a power company rep showed up half way in. Bills were previous 3 years versus 9 months now as that is vast majority of his load. And as far as LEDs go I have changed out our homes and will statistically never change another bulb. Additionally, when one studies the facts concerning fluorescent lighting, one can quickly see that repairing or replacing these is for the ignorant. LED=directional light, no cycling effect, huge temperature operating range, long life. So whatever.
    You said the power company rep showed up during a one or two day sized LED installation project. It doesn't make sense to me that power company shows up over his lighting load not coming on as usual for one day you were installing his lights. This doesn't make a good pro LED anecdotal story or his power usage pattern that is off the scale they've been watching him well before you were doing work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electric-Light View Post
    The contrast level needed to see clearly increases as light level goes down and this needs to account for everyone. Children and senior citizen teachers will have different light level needs. That's why we have things like target level and standards. When lumens were extremely expensive for LEDs to produce, advocacy for directional light was to cover up for LED limitations. We go out of our way and spend a lot of money and sacrifice output to avoid undesirable glare and shadows. Many stem mounted fixtures INTENTIONALLY directs some light upward, say half directly into the ceiling and the lower half through diffuser. This is why general purpose lighting are not designed like a flashlight or automotive headlights. LED street lamps are criticized for glare because they're built like a whole bunch of tiny flashlights mounted on a plate and leveraging "scotopically enhanced". We could have leveraged these things using 4100 or 5000K pencil CMH in a specular parabolic reflector or a lensed projector without LEDs. It was not done because of glare.

    Opal (cloud) diffuser on a fixture is nothing but filter that takes away 30-50% of light and removing the diffuser instant boosts the light output by 40% to double and this kind of trick is all too common with LED marketing... only that TLEDs are fitted and diffuser bypassed and savings attributed to LED. This kind of thing ignores glare and light quality consideration.
    This was in reply to my comment, but I read it three times and I don't see any relevance.

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