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Thread: Outdoor lighting pole calculator or software

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    Outdoor lighting pole calculator or software

    I was hired to make quotes on outdoor lighting jobs. I learned from one of your threads that for every 5 feet of pole one foot oof the pole needs to be buried. Great for a strait pole. What about the other variables?
    Weight at the top of the pole?
    Pole shape round or square?
    Pole thickness?
    Pole material? Aluminum, steel etc.
    wind resistance or (ip)?
    type of soil? Humus, topsoil, eluviation layer, subsoil, bedrock etc.

    Is there an online calculator? or software that can be purchased?

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    There a lot of "rules of thumb" but the most common is 10% of the pole length + 2 feet.

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    Engineers should have this knowledge. Call one "off the record"

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