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Thread: CT installation in side by side meter + main service panel

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    CT installation in side by side meter + main service panel

    I'm trying to install CTs in a Cutler Hammer side by side meter + main service panel MBE2040200BTF that doesn't have enough space in the load side. Physically it would be easy to clamp the CTs over the L1 and L2 conductors in the meter side, but it looks like I would have to drill a hole in the barrier separating the meter side and load side where I can work. Is there a code compliant way to get the output conductors from the CTs out of the meter side and into the load side? If someone were trying to make a supply side connection (line side tap) there might be a similar problem. There is a Rogowski coil CT that would fit, but it has some complications and much higher cost. Physically I could replace the conductors between the meter and main breaker to provide enough space, but those conductors are factory installed and part of the UL listing.

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    Check with the utility on their policy on foreign components in their sealed meter compartment. Most prohibit this.

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