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Thread: Approved method for bonding metal gate to post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marty Lustig View Post
    I'm moving ahead on project to bond gate posts and gate to system ground. I have not been able to find code section discussing whether #4 should be enclosed in PVC. I typically do use PVC to protect bonding wire when exposed. In this case vertical runs (from gate and gate-posts to wooden pergola like structure over head) would be in PVC for protection and appearance, but some of the #4 will be run along wood where it could just be stapled to the wood. Suggestions?
    NEC requires bonding and grounding conductors # 8 to be in conduit to protect it from injury. Anything larger it is not needed.

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    If t5he gate is coated with a nonconductive material I don't think I would bother to bond it.
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