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Thread: Classification for building with vehicles

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    Classification for building with vehicles

    We are working on a large package distributing plant, where the trucks come in and out of the building to pick up their packages. It's not a garage or a storage facility for flammable liquids. It's designed to have a maximum of 120 vehicle inside during loading. The building is 1250'Lx250'Wx40'H. I can't see where it should have a Class 1, Div 2 rating. Thoughts before I call out the AHJ for their opinion? The company is mentioning seal-offs for anything below 18", but no explosion proof fittings, motors, or equipment.
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    It isn't the "acreage" that counts but the activities and processes that are conducted in the space. Unless the facility falls within the Scope of Section 511.1 and the activities fall within one of the definitions in Section 511.2, I wouldn't worry about it.
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