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Thread: Mersen vs. Shawmut

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    Mersen vs. Shawmut

    I was hired to do a quick two device selectivity study for the NYC Advisory Board to prove a 3000A A4BY fuse coordinates with a 2000A A4BQ fuse. The only manufacturer listed with these fuses in SKM is Gould Shawmut. My client (a supply house) is telling me that the study was rejected because they want to see the TCC curve for Mersen fuse being used.

    From my research it appears that Gould/Ferraz Shawmut has become Mersen via acquisition and/or name change, is this correct? And when I go on their website, Mersen actually uses older Ferraz Shawmut fuse curves.

    A4BY -

    A4BQ -


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    you are correct. you could probably show they are the same fuse via the UL white book if you need documentation.

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    Shawmut was bought by Gould, Gould was bought by Feraz, who merged with other fuse companies and changed their name to Mersen in 2010. It's just a series of company name changes, the products are the same.
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