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Thread: Fluid Pumps

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    I am also confused as to when would I use the classification areas laid out in NFPA 30, and when would I go through a complete analysis as described in NFPA 497. NFPA 30 defines the hazardous area in one way for a class I div 1 equipment, while NFPA 497 says that certain Class I Div 1 zones may exist within a piece of equipment, and the hazardous area defined does not match what NFPA 30 is defining. It seems like most of the "general rules of thumb" i encounter in the field are referencing boundaries similar to NFPA 30, without any other analysis being done.
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    If I were doing this job, I'd definitely want to see the whole MSDS.

    Since I'm not, and you seem fixated on NFPA 30 - there's nothing wrong in using it.

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    Hi, is the flammable refrigerant ammonia?

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