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Thread: Dedicated Electrical Space

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    Dedicated Electrical Space

    I have two 34" wide 800 amp transfer switches on the exterior wall of an electrical room. One is automatic and the other is manual with the portable generator "docking station" directly behind it outside. There is a 20" space between the ATS and MTS (inside) that has a vertical
    12 x 12 wireway centered in it to carry the (8) 600 MCM conductors from the top of one cabinet to the bottom of the other. The "dedicated equipment space" in Article 110.26(E) is defined as being above switchboards, switchgear, panelboards, and MCCs. Even if my wireway is classified as an auxilliary gutter, neither one being addressed in 110.26(E), would it be acceptable to install an exhaust fan duct above that 20" space?
    And would the "docking station" outside the MTS fall under 110.26(E)(2)? Thank you.

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    Dedicated equipment space is only required for the stuff on the list. So you're fine if you only above the wireway.


    All responses based on the 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted

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    EF is fine. Dock station may not fall to the letter of referenced article, but it is prudent to provide protection for this equipment. Sn AHJ may call you on this also; especially if the ATS serves 700 or 701 loads.

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