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Thread: Local Adoption Only

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    Local Adoption Only

    What does it mean when the code adoption status for a state says "Local adoption only"
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    Quote Originally Posted by fifty60 View Post
    What does it mean when the code adoption status for a state says "Local adoption only"
    I would have to say that it means that there is no statewide adoption of the Code in question. If a local jurisdiction does not adopt a code version, no code is in effect at all.
    As opposed to statewide with no exceptions or statewide with some local jurisdictions allowed to adopt a newer or amended version of the code.

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    It means there is no statewide adoption of a code and amendments. Jurisdiction can be either a city, county, or some other municipal type. It is a real PITA working in such areas.
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    Here in NJ we have unified statewide code, across the border in New York they seemingly have no statewide code and they have all different adoptions and local rules.


    All responses based on the 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted

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    Sounds like it means write down all the NEC versions as well as all the common amendments you may find, each on a piece of paper. Put all those papers in a bag and have a drawing for what the installation standard is in the city where you plan to work. Draw another piece out when you start a project in another city in the same state, maybe even a project across the street from the first project.

    Make sure the inspector is there when you draw that paper and you both document what was drawn.

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    Michigan went from local adoption to statewide a few years back. It was the best thing they ever did. The City of Grand Rapids didn't think so, though. They had their own code and you had to be a Grand Rapids journeyman to work in the city, even if you had a Michigan license. Some small towns simply didn't bother to adopt a code. Now, the rules are all the same no matter where you go in Michigan. That is much, much better.
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