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Thread: TC-ER cable in Canada

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    TC-ER cable in Canada

    Is TC-ER cable acceptable in Canada? Per CSA C22.2 No. 230-17, sections 5.4.2 and 5.5.2, the test methods for TC-ER cable are described. However in the Canadian Electric Code C22.1-15, type TC-ER cable is not mentioned. Please let me know if TC-ER cable is approved for use in Canada and please cite code. Thanks.

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    The concept of TC-ER as TC cable which can also be run outside of the cable tray at each end to connect to equipment or whatever, is unique to UL US standards and NEC.

    Any cable listed as TC-ER for US sale also meets the requirements for basic TC is you do not want to take advantage of the additional wiring freedom.
    Presumably there is a Canadian standard equivalent to TC which US TC cable is also tested to for sale in Canada.
    Whether any particular TC-ER cable product is also listed as basic TC for Canadian sale and use would have to be checked on a product by product basis.

    AFAIK there is not yet a Canadian counterpart to the extended use allowance that goes with the -ER designation.

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