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Thread: Pulling wire, top or bottom? And why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldDigger View Post
    The center of gravity really does not change much, unless you count the weight of the unspooled but not yet supported cable. But the point at which the unspooling tension is applied does change.

    All in all, I think this is a lot like which way to roll toilet paper....
    I'm not well-versed in physics, and I probably should have used words like impetus or momentum instead of center of gravity. In my feeble mind, it seems the force that is pulling wire can topple the reel from the stands more easily if the wire is coming off the top.

    OTOH, I am well versed with TP usage and all rolls in this house come off the top
    ...until the cats get them.

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    We have four cats, and all of our TP rolls down off the back. The only alternative was roll covers.

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