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Thread: Estimating outlets in CMU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coppersmith View Post
    I don't think NM is an option at all. It's not allowed embedded in concrete and no reason to use it if conduit is being run, THHN would be better.

    Mason chasing 4x4 boxes & mudrings with PVC conduit is the way to go with this job. And yes, it will be labor intensive.
    Question is whether loose (but supported....) in a void in a concrete block wall is considered "embedded" in concrete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldDigger View Post
    Question is whether loose (but supported....) in a void in a concrete block wall is considered "embedded" in concrete.
    Question answered!

    (A) Type NM. Type NM cable shall be permitted as
    (1) For both exposed and concealed work in normally dry
    locations except as prohibited in 334.10(3)
    (2) To be installed or fished in air voids in masonry block
    or tile walls
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldDigger View Post
    It means poured full of mortar/concrete for additional strength.

    In interior walls only one vertical column of blocks gets filled every four feet. And no rebar?
    Outside walls are all filled, with rebar on two foot spacing.

    You are correct. It does have rebar every 4' as well..

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    Quote Originally Posted by archerycoach View Post
    I am currently quoting a job where the customer has requested they be installed in the block wall. My experience with this while working in the field has been it's very time consuming and lots of varying factors. Does anyone have a labor hour number that has worked fairly well for them? I don't want to price myself out of the job, but then again I don't want to take a bath.
    My labor unit for a 20A Spec grade recpt. Fl. in Mason Wall is .81 / ea. and includes trim. You may want to bump it up for the EMT Stub up through the wall cavity, however many masons will install the box and conduit if you have it there while he is laying block. I typically cut the EMT in 3 FT sections so the mason doesn't have to lift his block too high over the EMT.

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    I'm doing a fire station right now that has all conduits/outlets concealed up to a minimum of 10' in the CMU areas. I'd plan on having a journeyman there the whole time the block is being laid and half again for a helper. Of course it depends on many variables, but in my case that would have worked out good. I didn't estimate this job but I have done a lot of estimating in the past. Add a good spaghetti pile too for scrap and mistake conduit. I did this building (the CMU) in EMT but if I were to do it again I'd look into PVC.

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