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Thread: load side tap, Ampacity of subpanel

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    load side tap, Ampacity of subpanel

    Been a loooong time since i did a loadside tap.

    Existing system:
    150A main breaker in MBO MSP (no busbar)...... feeds #1/0 CU feeder conductors ......which feed a MLO (no main breaker, nor opportunity for one) 125A rated s.p.

    I plan to tie in 40A of PV onto the above #1/0 feeder with a (N) 2p60 fused disco and #6 conductors.

    If above s.p. were replaced with 200A rated load center, are we good?
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    If the new 200A sub has a 175A main breaker then yes, in my opinion. Otherwise no, because the 1/0 isn't rated for 190A.

    Another option: put in a 200A rated sub instead of your disco, and put breakers in it for the existing sub (125A) and solar. It's not a tap anymore, but is likely also doable.

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