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Thread: LED retrofits

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    LED retrofits

    is it up to code to install the new type direct wire line voltage LED lamps using the old tombstones and wiring. The ones I am talking about require removing the ballast and making one side hot and the other netural. I know the netural normally needs to be white or gray but wasn't sure if the existing fixture wire could be used

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    I've been inside plenty of machines where once the power cord ends inside the machine, every wire is black. You get lucky if they are numbered!

    Most of my work these days is HVAC. Lots of 120V motors use a yellow or purple for their neutral, just like the same brand 240V motors use for the "common" hot.

    But you raise an interesting point. Since you are not just rewiring, but redesigning the fixture, it's existing UL-Listing, if any and applicable, would be void, wouldn't it? That might matter. Would the new LED lamps, by virtue of their instructions, bring their Listing to the newly redesigned fixture?

    Regardless, I foresee lots of these fixtures in places that change ownership, and the new people try to put standard fluorescent tubes in, for whatever reason, and wonder why they don't work.

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