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Thread: zig zag transformer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahib View Post
    David & electrofelon: Would you mind giving your comments on the paper in post#45. That may clarify the matter a bit.
    Sahib, that paper really isn't applicable. These inverters take a neutral and it is grounded. That's the way we do things here in the us. There are 2 options: 1. The zig zag is for harmonics. 2. The zig zag is there to satisfy a utility requirement (and possible misapplied).

    I guess a 3rd option is that the designed put the zig zag in for a redundant system groundING means in case the MBJ was lifted, neutral failed, etc.... IMO that would be ridiculous.
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    Sketch the 0 seq network diagram
    the Yg:Yg xfmr makes it interesting (seems like a bad option imo)
    phase shift?
    both sources util & pv will supply sec gnd fault i
    Looks like they are trying to give each source a rtn path?
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