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Thread: Protecting wire

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    Protecting wire

    We have our low voltage communication wire going from each inverter solar edge 40 in all, we ran direct burial sunresistant sprinkler wire, The owner think there's gonna be a problem with rodents chewing on expose wire, the wire is hooked up already I don't want disconnect the wire and run a piece of conduit then reconnect, does anybody have a easy solution, I was thinking something like that black mesh type plastic that they put on the wires for cars, I'm not sure of the name thanks

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    Try searching on split loom tubing, or wire loom tubing.

    Here's one search return of many.
    Another Al in Minnesota

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    here's what i do for very short (foot or so), exposed runs of Enphase trunk cable between arrays: cut a section of nonmetallic flexible conduit, PVC, (Seal Tite, Liquid Tite) lengthwise, splitting it, place it over wire, then ziptie it shut with a couple quality black zipties.

    might work for you?
    Screw to wall with conduit strap if it hangs on weak comm. cable too much.

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